Casino Winner Wins Four Figures Without Spending A Penny!


Every now and then, we come across a story that we feel everyone has to hear about such is the feel-good factor of the story. Recently, we came across the excellent story of Katherine, a Merseyside gamer who made herself a cool £1,200 – without spending a dime of her own!

Thanks to the world of free spins and bonuses, Katherine was able to get herself a lovely bonus and make sure that her August was going to be as fun as possible. The online gaming world is full of “facts” about how much you need to spend to win big; well, Katherine has just shown us that this does not have to be the case at all.

Katherine decided that, feeling light on cash, she would make the most of some of the bonuses that she had built up. Playing on Casumo, her favorite, Katherine used her bonuses to full effect. The offer this time was a 40 free spins selection, as a special bonus for people who were just signing up.

The Winning Feeling

This story has more to it than just someone winning a few pounds on a freebie, though. The casino that Katherine plays with offers out regular free gifts like more free spins on Thursdays and Sundays. It was on the Sunday that Katherine picked up her magic winnings.

With a jackpot of more than £6m waiting for someone on the site via the Mega Moolah section, though, the company clearly has enough money to survive from the relatively modest winnings of Katherine in the first place!

That being said, we obviously congratulate her on a brilliant win. It’s nice to see stories that clearly prove that the world of bonuses is more than just a scam used to get people to get reeled in. More and more stories are beginning to appear on the web, as well, giving us a greater appreciation of the fact that this continues to occur again and again!

Changing Days

Katherine isn’t the only person out there doing well from the world of free spins and slots, either. In fact, we can expect to see greater offers coming out a more and more casinos fight for supremacy on the market. As more people continue to get involved in the online gaming industry we expect to see more continuous change and improvement along the way, with greater deals and better selections for those signing up.

One thing is for sure, though; the world of casinos being built around the whims of cheap little extras here and there are well and truly gone; it’s never been like this in the past, and we don’t expect big winners like Katherine to be vanishing any time soon!

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