Casino Technology Launches EZ Modulo Slot Series

With so many slot games to play, part of the challenge can be picking the one that you want to play most. If you are in this position, and you are based in Eastern Europe, you might want to look at Casino Technology. The company has become a prominent name within the industry, releasing games of various styles and themes. They just released a new set of online casino slot games across Eastern Europe, under their EZ Modulo series.

These impressive new games will offer a variety of name games to try out and enjoy. They’ll include games like Speed King and Tower, with new games to try out all across the eastern side of the old continent. These games will also be progressive, so you might be able to win massive sums of money on your most favoured release. There’ll be a three-level jackpot put in place, and will also include the new Gorilla Wheel, a 12-title multi-level game suite.

Speaking about this was Global Sales Director Elena Shaterova, who said: “After the thorough penetration on the market with massive installations of EZ Modulo with the Speed King multigame as well as the Tower multigame, now we are introducing two new models in the product line.”

So, if you spend any time on the Eastern European gaming scene, be sure to keep an eye out for these. With some of the most impressive slot games in the region, this is another winner from Casino Technology.

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