Buenos Aires Set for Gambling Review

In what appears to be a growing trend across the world, Argentina looks set to find a major online casino gaming question being asked by one of its more prominent states. The Senate for Buenos Aires, the largest province, is expected to undergo a review of the potential legalization of online gambling games.

This is part of the new 2019 budget for the area, and was forwarded by Governor Maria Eugenia Vidal. This would help to change the framework of the whole gambling process within the region, with the aim being to offer out seven new gambling licenses, according to leading party, Argentina Pro.

The leading party in the region looks to bring in new measures for online casino gaming and also sports wagering services. An online revenue tax would be set at around 15%, with the aim to bring in around $60mn in revenue via taxation. Also, the aim would be to bring in a 2% tax on all casino and bingo winnings to help further up the return to the nation from such activities.

This was a surprise move, though, as it was previously assumed that Governor Vidal was of a more anti-gambling stance. This is interesting, and despite making it clear that she had little time for arcades and bingo halls in the poorest parts of town, she did believe that legalization of online casino gaming could help protect Argentinian gamers.

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