British MPs pushing for online casino gambling advertising ban

As has become a common talking point in various other parts of the world, the UK Government is yet again going to war with gambling advertising. Taking the lead of various other nations across Europe and the wider world, a full-scale gambling advertising ban is being suggested by the UK Government.

This has been pushed for a while by anti-gambling MPs and looks set to move further forward. As the COVID-19 crisis has worsened in the UK, many people have taken to online sports betting and gambling in a bid to pass the time. UK gambling laws, though, might be about to further shift towards removing online gambling advertising opportunities.

Online casinos in the UK have proven to be a valuable option for gamers to take control of their own entertainment during the lockdown. However, despite being worth as much as £11bn GBP annually, the government looks set to try and a crackdown on the propensity of online advertising we see for online casinos.

The most significant change that is expected to come in would mean both TV advertising and online advertisements would have to either be stopped entirely or diluted to a much less advertorial style. Other changes, such as the previously discussed £2 stake limit for slot machines online, are expected to be pushed forward in the UK parliament across the coming term.

For now, then, this might be last period UK gamblers will see regular, consistent online gambling advertising.

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