Bollywood Story On the Horizon

As NetEnt continues to push their latest range of awesome gaming offers, one of their most enjoyable new releases is that of Bollywood Story. This awesome game, as you might suggest, comes with a wonderfully Asian inspired theme. It’s going to give you a very interesting way to play your slot gaming experience, thanks to a whole range of features and ideas totally different to the norm.

This game is to be released on 14th June and will be part of the NetEnt collection for years to come. The game itself was around for a couple of years as an exclusive game for ComeOn Casino gamers, but now it’s going to see it pop up all across the industry.

It’s a rich and satisfying game, with a very enterprising slots game. With as many as 30 free spins waiting for you inside the game amid a raft of awesome themes that fit with the Bollywood nature this makes it very easy indeed for you to buy into the whole theme.

The fast pace and the wonderful aesthetic nature of Bollywood Story do make it a game that you should have no problem enjoying. If you want to play some themed slots that come with a huge range of different opportunities to win big, then be sure to check this out.

With so much to enjoy and to see from NetEnt’ latest offering. Can you help the young protagonists appease their parents and live happily ever after?

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