BetVictor Alters #PriceItUp Betting Procedures

After being for quite a while now, BetVictor’ #PriceItUp platform has been very popular. However, it’s been further enhanced recently with a new build-a-bet option being added in. This is improved further the Bet Edit feature that has been put in place.

With the Builder, BetVictor users will be able to combine thousands of different outcomes to make their own dream bet. Hugely powerful and useful for the gambler with an imagination, this should make it easy to make a bespoke bet.

Next time you and your mates come up with something really daring to try it out, check out if the BetVictor editor will let you to set it up!

According to Eoin Ryan, the Head of the Sportsbook products over at BetVictor, this is a major change to the industry, saying: “#PriceItUp Builder will allow customers to combine up to 10 individual selections in a single match accumulator bet, making it the most powerful builder feature on the market.

“We are very excited about the introduction of an ‘Edit’ feature into this product; we see this as a perfect gateway into the #PriceItUp Builder, as it allows a customer the ability to easily edit an existing outcome in a simple and straightforward manner.

“We are especially proud to have developed these products in-house and we see them as key additions to our sportsbook as we look ahead to the World Cup in Russia this summer.”

Want a bespoke bet? Check out BetVictor.

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