Betsson Renames Dutch Casino Brands Amid Reshuffle

For some time now, famous casino group Betsson has been under a bit of a reshuffle. As they try to enter the popular but challenging Dutch market, they’ve been looking to make a smooth entrance. The best way to do that, it appears, is to go through a bit of a rebrand with regards to their Dutch offerings. With a rather sketchy past in the Netherlands, though, that might be quite a good idea.

This move has come as they try and rebrand their Dutch-facing casino sections in a bid to start again on a fresh footing. With the gambling market currently undergoing quite a change in the way it works in Holland, companies are expected to act to a much higher standard than before. As such, the challenges that have taken place here before for Betsson were always going to crop up again in the discussion.

So, the Swedish giants have decided to move to a rebrand, following a “cowboy” past in the country, according to Dutch Minister for Justice Sander Dekker. Through the Kroon and Oranje casinos, they have previously been part of the Dutch market. Their rebrand, then, will see some significant changes as they try to leave a history that includes a whopping €300,000 fine on a subsidiary behind. It’s going to be interesting, though, to see if a face-lift for the company will be enough to satisfy and smooth over relations in a European casino gaming market everyone wants into.

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