Betsafe comes to an end in Denmark

For many people, casino slots in Scandinavia can sound like a haven. It’s seen as the perfect place for just about any kind of casino gaming. With tough regulation but fairness within the regulated sites, it’s a great place to play your games. However, it’s likely that new casino sites in Scandinavia might hold up starting up. Why? Because of a major tax hike that is about to take place.

The first casualty of this has been seen in Denmark. There, major operator Betsson has closed down their Betsafe brand less than a single month after it went live. The reason for it being shut down comes down to the fact that Denmark is about to bring in a major taxation program., the sportsbook part of Betsson in Denmark, has been closed down.

The talk is that a massive tax hike is going to come in, with an agreement moving it from a 20% tax increase to a 28% increase. That’s a fair margin, and it could be a big reason why other new casino sites choose to avoid Denmark for now.

Casino slots in Scandinavia has long been seen as the ideal place to play, but these tax hikes are becoming increasingly more commonplace. For now, then, we would recommend that if you do intend to play casino games in Denmark, expect to see a gradually reduced marketplace. While that might change over time, the new tax hike is definitely causing consternation.

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