Belgium Agrees New Directives for Online Gambling

While many parts of Europe are becoming increasingly more liberal with online casino gaming, Belgium is doing the opposite. Recently, new legislation has come into place which has seen Belgium bring in all manner of new gambling and casino gaming directives. These stringent new codes on advertising, in particular, will force a wholesale shift in the country, as casino websites change how they try and attract customers.

These changes have been part of a long-reaching government directive. Since October 2017, the Christian Democrats Justice Minister, Koen Geens, has successfully held cross-party support to take forward the changes. The Belgian government recently confirmed that advertising changes would be coming in, with a complete ban for online casinos advertising on TV.

This is also going to see services being restricted to only promotion on government-approved locations. This will also see an 8 PM watershed imposed on all sports betting advertising, as well as a total ban for marketing coverage during live sports broadcasts.

Needless to say, these changes are seen as a huge step forward for those who oppose the excessive advertising of gambling to those underage and of vulnerable mind. For Belgium, though, this has been part of a longer body of work across the nation, as they have become increasingly more cautious about the liberalization of gambling advertisement.

This latest change in the regulation will make a significant dent in the advertising reach of so many companies who primarily market themselves in Belgium.

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