Belarus Votes to Legalise Online Gambling

While much of Western Europe is still in the process of making changes to gambling policy, Eastern Europe is being far more decisive. Indeed, recently it was voted in the nation of Belarus that online gambling would be legalised. In a first for the nation, this new move would see online casinos finally become legal in the nation.

This was signed by Alexander Lukashenko, the President of Belarus. It’s also made some important changes to other parts of the Belarusian gambling agreement. For example, gambling is now available for anyone over the age of 21 – provided you can pass an identification system. The industry also will see some restrictions brought in with regards to how online casinos will operate, however.

For example, the new casinos will have to operate – much like in other parts of Europe – with a license. This official license will have to be granted and the level of service will need to be kept high to maintain permission to play. Also, companies running an online casino will have to be able to have a security deposit on their bank accounts to ensure that winnings are paid out fairly and honestly.

Also, a new computer registry system will be set up to help monitor the cash flow of any Belarusian online casino. This is a very interesting time in the online casino industry, and important changes to gambling regulation are coming in quite often. This latest change, though, finally see Belarusian gaming opened up like never before.

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