ASA Praises British Gambling Transformation

In one of the most commonly observed battles in the online casino gaming industry, the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) and the British online casino gaming industry have been at loggerheads. Constant scrutiny and requests to adjust the message have been commonplace in the industry for some time – but it looks like all that hard work might finally pay off for the companies involved.

Both Betfair and PlayOjo have been given validation of their promo materials from the ASA. Apparently, one of the claims was that Betfair was using an actor under the age of 25 – that was not the case. He was dressed in a professional manner and was over the age of 25: avoiding any potential for penalties.

PlayOjo, part of the Skill on Net group, was also found to be safe – they recently did a YouTube ad campaign that featured an alpaca. The implication was that the ‘depressed alpaca’ would become happier by taking part in their gaming experience – making the connection that online casino gaming would cure depression.

That was dismissed, too, meaning that the entire ASA investigation is over and both companies can feel that they have done well to follow the regulatory requirements expected of them. In an era where most news stories feel like a negative in the industry, this is going to make a huge and telling difference to the way that the British gambling scene works.

For once, it’s nice to see a company get praise instead!

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