ASA Bans Trio of Coral Advertisements

As a company well-known for their zany and whacky approach to advertising, Coral have long run some very interesting ads. Three of their most recent ads, though, won’t’ be seeing the light of day: The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) has pulled all three from being shown. These three online casino slots ads showed imagery which, according to the group, could be seen as being appealing to children.

This has become a major problem in the industry recently, with many ads banned due to their supposed attraction to children and thus making it more likely for kids to want to gamble. The three games which the ads were pulled from were for Fishin’ Frenzy, Lucky Wizard, and Rainbow Riches.

With advertising that was supposedly “likely to appeal more strongly to under-18s than to over-18s” there was a lot of talk of trying to stop this problem at source. Now, that appears to have been carried out. The ASA has got quite heavy on this kind of stuff recently and shows no signs of slowing down.

From their crackdown on stuff that is built around a fantasy theme – such as Lucky Wizard – to their reasoning for doing so, there’s a lot to consider and contest about this at the moment. For now, though, the fact is that the three ads won’t be shown in their current form.

While frustrating in many ways, it’s merely part of the changing face of regulation across the board in gaming.

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