55 New Online License Applications Arrive in Sweden

As a nation that knows how to have a good time responsibly, the Swedes have welcomed the new regulated online casino gaming market with open arms. Set to get underway in 2019, this new market is set to change the way that casino gaming takes place in Sweden: and that’s going to start with a host of quality options.

So far, an impressive 60 applications have come in, with the Lotteriinspektionen, the regulatory body of the country, announcing a host of applications coming in through their doors. As of January 1st, 2019, these will come into action and we’ll see a whole new kind of online casino gaming in Sweden.

While some of the registrations were ‘incomplete’ and needed more work, a large number have seemingly been put through to be evaluated further. It’s going to be interesting, though, to see how the changes really work: there have already been a few voices saying that they “cannot provide advance notice” 0no how various parts of the new regulation will work in relation to advertising and marketing.

It’s going to be a fun time for the Swedish market, though, as it goes through a pretty significant change. With licenses now being closely evaluated, we will soon know what kind of groups will be available to the Swedish online casino gamers out there. It’s expected that the market will now boast greater choice, and safer choice, thanks to this improved regulation.

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