32Red Receives Heavy Fine for ‘Failing Problem Gambler’

One of the most interesting parts of the world of gambling at the moment, particularly in the United Kingdom, is the wholesale change in the landscape of morality and gaming decency. Many people, for example, have become quite put off by the concept of problem gambling becoming an issue due to the ease of which such content can be accessed.

The UK Gambling Commission has worked tirelessly to try and change this, putting in place comprehensive changes in a short period of time. Recently, 32Red was hit with a £2m fine by the industry regulator as they missed out on a whopping 22 opportunities to step in and help out a problem gambler.

Instead of offering the player advice, they instead provided him with VIP status and free bonuses: merely prolonging the addiction instead of doing anything to try and help the player out. The customer, who put in over £750,000 in just two years admitted to staff that they had overspent and were now chasing their losses to try and make up for the shortfall.

Firms are asked to intervene in the UK, and it is part of their new remit to be taken on by the UK Gambling Commission and receive their license. This lack of action means that the customer was left in a perilous state, and was not given the help needed to progress and change their life around. For this reason, the fine to 32Red was significant.

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