2% Rate of Turnover Tax Comes Into Play in Romania

Romania has decided to move forward with its contested plans for a 2% turnover tax to be included. This will be applicable to all online gambling operators, and it will be used to help fund social welfare programs. While the additional taxes were agued against, the responsible nature of their use has somewhat quelled resistance.

This has come into play after the changes became apparent, effective as of January 1st 2019. The new changes across the nation, one of the most prominent in southeastern Europe for online casino gaming, will see a further adjustment to revenues for expensive but needed social welfare programs.

With ideas running short on how to best fund such programs, the new taxes are intended to make a positive contribution. This has come in as part of the Official Gazette release on December 29th, 2018. This latest tax came into effect and will be payable by the 25th of the following month, with the first payments now due as of February 25th, 2019.

The re-regulation of online casino gaming in Romania first came around in 2015, and has been a somewhat controversial topic ever since. This latest move has seen more revenue introduced for important social programs, though. However, it has to be said that Romanian online casino gaming taxation plans change on a regular basis. It would be no surprise to see such plans change again.

For now, though, this extra tax carries some justification.

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