188BET Ends United Kingdom and Irish Partnerships

While 188BET is a commonly used online platform for the UK and Irish online casino gamers, its time has come to an end. The company recently announced that they would be looking to exit from the market, citing it as “very competitive” – this will mean that some customer bets still there will be nullified.

This decision might come as a shock to some, though, as the casino was often viewed as extremely popular. This comes shortly after the closure of BetBright, as it ceased operations amid a purchase from 888 Holdings for a £15m fee. 188BET, though, has been a fixture in the UK gaming scene for some time and is owned by Annatar Limited. With their investment in many sporting events, such as the Solario Stakes and the September Stakes, this might come as a blow for companies who had previously benefited from their sponsorship.

The move, though, is seen as a “commercial decision in a very competitive marketplace” and will likely mean that the exit is just from the UK. In the official announcement, it was made clear that the company would still continue to operate in the other licensed markets that they work in at present.

For anyone who used the site, though, will be seen as a disappointment. An active name within the industry as a whole, 188BET will surely be missed by many British and Irish gamers. Now, though, the market finds a gap that must be adequately filled.

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